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2023 Come, Follow Me
New Testament Lesson 44:
October 23 — October 29

1 and 2 Timothy; Titus; Philemon
“Be Thou an Example of the Believers”

Sometimes it’s helpful to approach your scripture study with one or more questions in mind. Invite the Spirit to guide you to answers as you study, and record any inspiration you receive.

1 Timothy 1: Counsel is given to teach true doctrine only—Christ came to save repentant sinners.

1 Timothy 2: We should pray for all people—Christ is our Mediator—Women should dress modestly—Women are blessed in childbearing and are admonished to continue in faith, charity, and holiness.

1 Timothy 3: Qualifications are given for bishops and deacons—Great is the mystery of godliness.

1 Timothy 4: Paul describes the latter-day apostasy—Christ is the Savior of all men, especially of those who believe.

1 Timothy 5: Saints are to care for their worthy poor—Policies concerning elders are given.

1 Timothy 6: The love of money is the root of all evil—Fight the good fight of faith—Do not trust in worldly riches.

2 Timothy 1: Christ brings immortality and eternal life through the gospel—Be strong in the faith.

2 Timothy 2: Christ gives eternal glory to the elect—Shun contention and seek godliness.

2 Timothy 3: Paul describes the apostasy and perilous times of the last days—The scriptures guide man to salvation.

2 Timothy 4: Paul gives a solemn charge to preach the gospel in a day of apostasy—Paul and all Saints are assured of exaltation.

Titus 1: Eternal life was promised before the world began—The qualifications of bishops are given—Unto the pure, all things are pure.

Titus 2: Saints should live righteously, deny ungodliness, and seek the Lord.

Titus 3: Saints must live righteously after baptism.

Philemon: The gospel changes a servant into a brother.

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