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2023 Come, Follow Me
New Testament Lesson 47:
November 13 — 19

“Be Ye Doers of the Word, and Not Hearers Only”

As you read the Epistle of James, pay attention to phrases that stand out to you, and record them. How are you prompted to be a “doer” of these words? (James 1:22).

James 1: If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God—Resist temptation—Be doers of the word—James explains how to recognize pure religion.

James 2: God has chosen the poor of this world who are rich in faith—Salvation is gained by keeping the whole law—Faith without works is dead.

James 3: By governing the tongue, we gain perfection—Heavenly wisdom is pure, peaceable, and full of mercy.

James 4: Wars are born of lusts—The friends of the world are the enemies of God—Sin is failure to walk in the light we have received.

James 5: Misery awaits the wanton rich—Await the Lord’s coming with patience—The elders are to anoint and heal the sick.

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