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Come, Follow Me
Old Testament Lesson 22:
May 23–29

“Be Strong and of a Good Courage”
Joshua 1–8; 23–24

Illustration of Moses ordaining Joshua, by Darrell Thomas

As you study the book of Joshua, consider how the things you learn about the Israelites can increase your faith in Jesus Christ.

Joshua 1: The Lord speaks to Joshua—He is commanded to be of good courage, to meditate upon the law, and to keep the commandments—He prepares Israel to enter Canaan.

Joshua 2: Joshua sends spies to Jericho—They are received and concealed by Rahab—They promise to preserve Rahab and her household.

Joshua 3: Joshua leads Israel to the Jordan—The Lord cuts off the water of the Jordan; it stands up as a heap, and Israel passes over on dry ground.

Joshua 4: Joshua places twelve stones to commemorate the crossing of the Jordan—Joshua is magnified before the children of Israel as they cross the Jordan—After the priests bearing the ark pass over, the river returns to its course.

Joshua 5: The inhabitants of Canaan fear Israel—The males of Israel are circumcised—Israel keeps the Passover, eats the fruit of the land, and manna ceases—The captain of the Lord’s host appears to Joshua.

Joshua 6: Jericho is taken and destroyed—Only Rahab and her household are saved.

Joshua 7: Israel is defeated by the people of Ai—Joshua complains to the Lord—Achan and his household are destroyed because he disobeyed the Lord by taking the spoils of Jericho.

Joshua 8: Joshua uses an ambush, takes Ai, and slays its inhabitants—He builds an altar in Mount Ebal—The words of the law, both blessings and cursings, are read to the people.

Joshua 23: Joshua exhorts Israel to be courageous, keep the commandments, love the Lord, and neither marry among nor cleave unto the remnants of the Canaanites who remain in the land—When the children of Israel serve other gods, they will be cursed and dispossessed.

Joshua 24: Joshua recites how the Lord has blessed and led Israel—Joshua and all the people covenant to choose the Lord and serve Him only—Joshua and Eleazar die—The bones of Joseph, taken from Egypt, are buried in Shechem.

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