There are 4 thoughts on “A Compelling Case for Theosis”.

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  2. Thank you for this review. It reminded me of a small book added to “Introductions to Catholic Doctrine” in 2007, Deification and Grace by Daniel A. Keating. I found it ironic that the Roman Catholic Church finally admits that the doctrine of theosis is a true Christian doctrine and he supports this by quoting the same scriptures that LDS missionaries have been using all along. Keating notes that the Roman Catholic Church had stopped teaching this doctrine to it’s lay members after the split with the Orthodox Catholics who never stopped teaching theosis. I noticed with some amusement that Keating never uses the term restore but rather “retrieve, rediscover, recapture, reexplain, reinvigorate and re-engagement”. Those who produced “The God Makers” find themselves ridiculing the Catholic, the Orthodox and the “primitive” Christian Church and not just the “Mormons”.

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