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  1. Defending by stratagem applies to the healing support systems that provide safety. In my dissertation, I present the support systems of coping skill strategies, resources, and relationships that exist within the spiritual, emotional, social, cultural, intellectual, environmental, political, economic, physical, and recreational dimensions as a structure that invites leader and follower to apply the doctrine of Christ. The doctrine of Christ is the Lord’s application for our success in everything we do here on earth even applying stratagem to defending ourselves from temptation and the powers of the evil one. Please consider:

    Faith is the belief we are guided by a higher power in our ministry to the needs of others in each dimension.
    Repentance is the separation and distancing of what we were to what the Father wants us to become.
    Baptism by Immersion is the immersion of ourselves in the covenants we have with Christ in our becoming like Him.
    The Holy Ghost is the great unifier with the Father and the Son unto validating us and our ministry here upon the earth.
    Endurance provides a conditioning capacity within each dimension in preparation for heavenly things through life trials and tributlations

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