There are 4 thoughts on “Book Review: Temple Mysticism: An Introduction, by Margaret Barker”.

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  2. It is important to know that Dr. Barker’s works are best read from former to latter. Her “The Older Testament” is the work which all other writings build on, and I hope this helps people to better understand Dr. Barker’s works.

  3. One key aspect of what you refer to here as the Deuteronomistic suppression, change, and corruption of biblical texts during transmission is the well-known phenomenon of tiqqune sopherim the “emendations of the scribes,” many of which are known and many more strongly suspected — Saul Levin dealt with both in his book, The Father of Joshua/Jesus (Binghamton: SUNY, 1978), chapter four of which Dr. Barker found “remarkable” for its detailed and authoritative exposition of such scribal alterations. We have permission to reprint this fine book, and will make it available digitally as well.

  4. Having no formal education, I find your comments both interesting and informative, I am amazed at the desire I have for “New Learning” and enjoy the blessing and availability of such articles. Having had a strong back ground in “Temple Participation ” over 30 years, I appreciate all that your organisation does to promote “New Learning” Thank You…

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