There are 5 thoughts on ““Feast upon the Words of Christ””.

  1. Thqnk you, Trevor, for this review. I am a long-time Gospel scholar and love to make notes, cross-reference, etc. The Church’s app has been great, adding more and better functionality regularly.

    I would hesitate to invest much effort (I don’t care so much about the $) in a 3rd-party app, as I was burned on one of those that preceded the Church’s app (I can’t recall the name; perhaps you can remember the ‘big two’ that were around a few years ago). The app was great, I had many notes and references there, but when it was no longer supported I could never access any of that again. Very disappointing. So I guess, much as I would love to explore these (especially the last app describe), I’m going to have to stick with the Church’s production.

    • I have a testimony of the Church, but I do not have a testimony of the Chruch’s IT department. We have seen so many times when sites have been hacks, backups have failed, databases have been lost, etc. that I do not trust anyone but myself with my data. I don’t keep any notes, references, etc. on any app (including the Church’s app) since they are programmed by people who are fallible. Instead I keep everything in plain text (no binary file formats). I maintain one copy on a local disk, a second copy is auto-synched to a hard drive in a separate physical location, a third copy is auto-saved to cloud (I use crashplan), and a fourth copy is auto-pushed into a private github repository.

      Having said that, I would like to save notes on the Church’s library app. It certainly would be convenient. But, I would need for them to make it so that I can download my notes in a plain text format (JSON would be fine) so that I can back them up securely.

    • James, I totally hear you on this and know your pain. The Scripture Notes app currently has a report feature where you can export notes pdf files. In the future I will expand this so you can export all notes at once in a pdf backup or perhaps json file as John mentions. I am also paranoid about losing data or having it stuck in a proprietary app that never releases it. I don’t intend for Scripture Notes to operate that way. We just need to get a little further along in development to implement this.

  2. >It definitely has the best search functionality.

    How does the search functionality compare to WordCruncher (or LDSView)? WordCruncher has powerful logic and statistics capabilities for searching. Does this tool have comparable search functionality?

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