There is one thought on “Lehi’s Dream and the Plan of Salvation”.

  1. Brother Atwood,
    My question lies with the time before Lehi arrives at the field: If the field represents the world (as seen in v. 20 and elsewhere in Matthew 13:38) then, would the dreary wilderness (v.4) and the dark and dreary waste (v. 7) represent the 2 stages of pre-mortal life? That is to say that the wilderness is our intelligence state, then as the man in the white robe (v. 5) comes to stand beside Lehi, it could be understood as our Heavenly Father (through a worthy representative) reaching out to our intelligence and as we are bidden to follow (v. 6) we are exercising Faith to bring us to a Spiritual existence.
    The second stretch (in which, Lehi is allowed to wander many hours), Lehi prays to the Lord, which seems to show that has gained a knowledge of the Plan of Salvation, at least in the capacity that He will show mercy (which is later solidified in the iron rod and path)

    This is the budding of thoughts I have regarding it, but if I am in error, I am willing to have things clarified and expounded.



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