There are 2 thoughts on “A Note in Favor of Rereading Great Works, Including the Scriptures”.

  1. I heartily agree! Two years ago, I felt repeatedly prompted to engage a new study of the Book of Mormon, keeping a study journal. Not really sure how to approach it, I decided to just record my thoughts and impressions as I went along. The project took much longer than any of my many previous readings of the text. I ended up with more than 450 typewritten pages. Many passages reveal insights much deeper and richer than those gained from previous readings. Some of my written ramblings represent profoundly sacred experiences that cannot be satisfactorily captured in text. I don’t expect anyone to read what I have written, but I am a different person than I was before this project. It was so fulfilling, that I am continuing in a similar vein with other standard works. I too recommend reading great literature through varied methods. The study journal approach is one I would recommend to others.

  2. Cherishing this plain and precious article by seasoned disciple-scholar! The need to reread, to re-enjoy, re-imbue, re-saturate! Intermittent repetition! To immerse in verse, as in Elder David A. Bednar’s reverberant Parable of the Pickle. To soak to become woke and take upon yoke. Yah, to bathe in Word. . . . Reading Dan for me is becoming reminiscent of reading Truman Madsen.

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