There are 2 thoughts on “The Sôd of Yhwh and the Endowment”.

  1. As a firm believer that every Latter-day Saint should present himself/herself to be available at the beckoning of the divine council, Bill Hamblin’s final conclusion and suggestion that every endowed Latter-day Saint has participated in at least a limited fashion in the “the council/sôd of Yhwh,” sheds light on a small portion of the ramifications of the Temple endowment.

    If we are to consider that every individual should have or has had their own “calling” of God, then we are led to understand that calling may be more literal than previously ascertained. As some are wont to ask, “Have you obtained your “calling of the Lord?”

  2. All part of the pattern of the priesthood. For both men and women. The next implementation of the Plan of Happiness cannot take place unless a meeting is properly convened with the right participants having requisite authorities and covenants made. Provisions must be guaranteed for a Lamb of God to effectuate the Atonement that allow all aspects of the Plan to be carried out. Which happens with every “Eternal Round”.

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