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  1. Outstanding recitation of theories and translations, including the inclusion of the translator’s rationale and forthcoming explanations. These were all set forth in a clear and cogent manner. I must admit that I rather enjoyed Appendix A — the Synopsis of the theories. This tended to congregate all of the theories into a very recognizable subset based by category and show through the author’s prior explanation why these examples were so deficit, weak or outright incorrect.

  2. Dear Brother Barney,
    Thank you for your excellent essay on various concepts of different scholars on 1Cor. 15:29. Your essay reminds me of Hugh Nibley’s articles in the Era in the late 1940’s, only you talked about more modern scholars than he. I would like to suggest another way of looking at the subject.
    Referring to page 113, you mention some Christian scholars who rejected the plain reading of the verse:
    “One of the rationales for this rejection is the sparse attestation of this practice in the New Testament–this one verse alone–and the lack of contemporary historical evidence in New Testament times.”
    What I’m about to write may have been written by others, but I have not come across them at this time, outside of Joseph Smith.
    The problem is the difference between explicit–1Cor. 15:29 and implicit words that Paul wrote.
    Shortly after I was baptized into the Church–around 1973, while reading Heb:11 the last two verses “hit me in the head”. I suddenly realized that the rest of the chapter is just “prologue”! The chapter talks about Jewish heroes and their GREAT faith. If anyone deserved to be in Heavenly Father’s presence, THEY did.
    But, Paul specifically stated that they did not receive the promise!
    It was up to the people of Paul’s time, and us as well, to perform the temple ordinances for them and our ancestors!
    If you have any doubts about this interpretation, refer to Doctrine & Covenants 128 verses 15 & 18.
    So, whenever you talk to others about baptism for the dead, make sure you include Hebrews chapter 11 in addition to 1Cor. 15:29.
    I am so thankful for the Interpreter Journal, Daniel Peterson and others for providing me with a “Hugh Nibley fix”!
    Sincerely, Robert B. Hawes

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