There are 2 thoughts on “Janus Parallelism: Speculation on a Possible Poetic Wordplay in the Book of Mormon”.

  1. An interesting coincidence that the first Hebrew root (zmr) used to identify Janus Parallelism in the Bible was also the first Hebrew root used to identify a possible Janus Parallelism in the Book of Mormon!

    Perhaps we should
    “sing” Paul’s “praises” as he “prunes”
    1 Nephi 18:16!

  2. Having never heard of Janus parallelism prior to this article, I find the idea contemplative. Most of us are neither linguists nor versed in ancient languages, and yet someday, someone will step forward and tackle this opportunity as Professor Hoskisson has recommended. Although as per his explanation, the translation eradicates many of what may have existed, utilizing the backwards method to obtain the prior Hebraic translation may still prove useful as he aptly demonstrated. Very neat article with lots of potential, for both now and in the future!

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