There are 2 thoughts on ““Put Off Thy Shoes from Off Thy Feet”: Sandals and Sacred Space”.

  1. Am I missing something, or is there an error in the following paragraph?:

    Most of the activities where the king does not wear sandals have to do with the conduct of war and military operations. Thus, Ramses III is shown wearing sandals when riding a chariot,16 shooting a bow and arrow,17 taking prisoners,18 binding captives,19 viewing booty,20 and rewarding his army.21

    should that not say “most of the activities where the king DOES wear sandals…”?

    • I noticed the same error, as this is the section describing activities of the king when always wearing sandals.

      Also, there is a typo in the opening abstract where the word “they” is used instead of “thy.” It should read “shoes from off THY feet…”

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