There are 4 thoughts on “A Brief History of Critical Text Work on the Book of Mormon”.

  1. This article is the first time I’ve seen or heard anybody mention the Bickertonites since having dinner with a few of their very generous and hospitable members while on my mission on Pittsburgh. Glad to hear they benefited from your work!

  2. Can you supply a reference for me? I recall something you wrote about the kind of English in the Book of Mormon, one detail being that nothing in the text seemed to be English dating later than about 1700. I think you talked about other details, such as grammatical imperfections in the text. It piques my curiosity, because I’m conversant in four languages, and I know the difficulties of the translation process. I have some thoughts on this, and want to see if they hold water. Thank you.

    • See the previous article I published in the Mormon Interpreter:
      “The Original Text of the Book of Mormon and its Publication by Yale University Press”, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture, volume 7 (2013), 57-96 [30 pages].

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