There are 2 thoughts on “Joseph Smith as a Book of Mormon Storyteller”.

  1. Thank you. A most interesting and thorough analysis. I had heard of all the various attempts to explain away Joseph Smith’s production of the Book of Mormon and found them all lacking in credibility, even without Hugh Nibley’s scholarly insights. Your well written paper adds additional weight to the fact that the “ignorant plough-boy” could not have produced such an amazing book.

  2. Thank you Bro. Hales … I really enjoyed your “no more slam dunks” article … I love reading this type of “push-back” article … once again my appreciation for J.Smith’s prophet gifts have been increased.

    With our current Come Follow Me D&C I’ve taken the opportunity to learn more about the history of J.Smith. Just finished Lucy Mack J.Smith Biography … read “The Savior in Kirtland” … just finished Jeff Bradshaw’s article on Zebedee Coltrin … and this morning read C.R. Stephens biography on Z. Coltrin … all this reading and your fine research have once again strengthened my appreciation for J.Smith / his wonderful family / and his faithful associates …. he accomplished so much from 1830-1844 …. we need an Interpreter “reminder” conference on the subject of: JS and his Prophetic Gifts!

    thank you, Blair Lucas

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