There are 4 thoughts on “Additional Janus Parallels in the Book of Mormon”.

  1. I have puzzled over how you made your amazing discovery, which in my opinion ranks up there with Jack Welch’s discovery of Chiasm in the BofM. This morning it hit me. You must have translated the books of Nephi into Paleo-Hebrew! Sorry it took me so long to realize that. To my knowledge the Church has not authorized the translation of the BofM into Hebrew, although it is available in Arabic.

    The hours of study you must have spent I cannot imagine.

    “I got the word from a friend about a weird Sunday School teacher in his Ward. Gt th wrd frm frnd bt wrd Sndy Schl tchr n hs wrd.” I wanted to convey to my children/grandchildren the significance of your discovery and I think the above might help. So much of the scholarly material is written to scholars and is just too esoteric for the average member to appreciate. That is a shame. It needs to be translated.

  2. It seems to me that Janus can be viewed as another form of chiasmi

    I Nephi 10:13

    A that we should be led with one accord into the land of promise,

    B unto the fulfilling of the word of the Lord, (referring to 1st stich)
    (B unto the fulfilling of the word of the Lord,) (referring to the 2nd)

    A that we should be scattered upon all the face of the earth.

    Just a thought. Thanks for the high!

    Ciao – Chao

  3. An acutely difficult task, but one that is well worth studying. If the source material for the Book of Mormon are ever revealed, it may be that the Janus parallelism as a readily recognizable structure is not only intact, but extant throughout several of the earlier books, just as is found with chiasmus. As Paul Y. Hoskisson relates, if the writers were as gifted as we believe they were (c.f. chiasmus as a poetical device) then we should and would expect Janus parallelism to be likewise.

    Regardless of that potential futurity, Paul has given us an opportunity to consider possibilities prior to that hoped for event. As difficult as the current task is, it is not hopeless nor impossible, just time-consuming and fraught with difficulty. Congratulations, Paul Y. Hoskisson on a valiant beginning!

  4. Thank you! That was wonderful. I read your 1st article with interest and this 2nd with amazement.
    Brandeis University – Gordon, Rendsburg and Hoskisson!

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