There are 2 thoughts on “Moses 6–7 and the Book of Giants: Remarkable Witnesses of Enoch’s Ministry”.

  1. Steve—

    Glad you enjoyed it—and admittedly it was a lot to wade through! It seemed important to put a detailed version with all the references out there as a foundation for later studies—and to make sure scholars can trace everything down to primary sources.

    However, in line with your view, a condensed and simplified version of ancient evidence for the Enoch account in the Book of Moses will be forthcoming in a new book:

    Bradshaw, Jeffrey M. Enoch and the Gathering of Zion: The Witness of Ancient Texts for Modern Scripture. Orem, Springville, and Salt Lake City, UT: The Interpreter Foundation, Book of Mormon Central, and Eborn Books, 2021. (accessed September 11, 2011).

    In the meantime, perhaps this video version may be a little easier to digest:

    My presentation at FAIR on the topic may be a better one, but is not currently available except to subscribers to the FAIR conference.

    Hope this helps! And very nice to meet someone like yourself who takes interest in these arcane, but remarkable, findings. 🙂


  2. Very interesting and inspiring. Thank you. Now all I want is a condensed version suitable for teaching my grown children and grandchildren and I would love the Church to have a version for seminary/Institute students.

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