There is one thought on “Ancient Sacred Vestments: Scriptural Symbols and Meanings”.

  1. As I read this article, it reminded me of the vestments found in other religious denominations as potential evidence of archaic symbols. Naturally the vestments of other faiths may not at first glance appear to date back much further beyond the middle ages, but both the Roman Catholic and the Greek Orthodox churches maintain formal vestments which could potentially relate to older traditions. These vestments, worn by the Priests, are fairly familiar to most of today, through the images shown of the liturgy or mass, along with papal, cardinal, bishop and other priestly functions. It should not be discounted that some of these vestments might, in truth, be reminiscent of a prior knowledge, some esoteric ritual or even memory of some previous understanding.

    What is ironic, is when those of such demeanor, make light of the undergarment worn by many members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ, many of these would never think to question or ridicule the vestments of a priest, or for that matter, the ḥijāb of a Muslim woman, the red skirt or dagang of a Tibetan monk, the yarmulke of an Orthodox Jew male, or the Kacchera undergarment or turban of a Sikh (let alone the crucifix worn by many Christians almost as if it were an article of clothing.)

    The vestments of ancient times and places have obviously been copied, altered or remembered in some form or another by many modern people regardless whether fully intentional or not.

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