There is one thought on “The Continuing Saga of Saints”.

  1. I have enjoyed all 3 volumes of Saints. When I start reading I can’t put the book down. However, I was disappointed with one aspect of the latest volume, and this comment may be controversial. But over and over, many, many times the 3rd volume talks about Blacks (capital) and whites (lowercase). I realize this is the AP’s new style, but I see no reason why the Church has to follow the AP style. The AP, in choosing this option a couple of years ago, explained that while Whites (I chose here to capitalize White) are heterogenous, Blacks are all in a common culture. That’s not true. Maybe African Americans share a common culture, but this is not about nationality. It is about color/race, and in Africa itself, blacks are often at war with each other; not really a common culture. If Blacks and Whites are all equal to the Lord like the scripture says (2 Nephi 26:33), let’s either capitalize both, or capitalize neither. I feel this decision was done in the name of political correctness, but if it was intended to bring racial harmony, it has missed the mark. I snail mailed the editors my thoughts several months ago but did not receive a reply.

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