There are 2 thoughts on “A Backstory for the Brass Plates”.

  1. Great comment, Neal! It is impressive how much can be gained by digging into multiple disciplines to better understand the ancient skills and traditions behind the Book of Mormon.

  2. It would be hard to overstate the value of this particular project. Rather than list all the things that make it worth the effort to read and understand, I will simply say that for this reader the project to find a backstory for the brass plates is filled with possibilities for LDS students of ancient scripture, especially the Book of Mormon. The book itself invites us to discover what the brass plates were, why they were written, and why Joseph’s descendants took them to the the promised land.

    The plausibility of the project is underlined by the incredible care Noel Reynolds has taken to exhaust available materials in multiple disciplines in order to craft a narrative that is surprisingly consistent with the Hebrew Bible and the Book of Mormon.

    This work will lay the foundation for important Book of Mormon scholarship for many years into the future.

    We owe Noel Reynolds an an incalculable debt of gratitude for undertaking this incredibly demanding and inspiring project..

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