There are 2 thoughts on “The Integration of Temples and Families: A Latter-day Saint Structure for the Jacob Cycle”.

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  2. Jamie, Reading your Jacob’s cycle outline as an alternating family/temple theme helps me appreciate Jacob’s life as told in Genesis. His temple experiences at Bethel and Penuel gave him strength to successfully deal with the difficulties of family life and to become the great family patriarch he was. According to D&C 132 his life is definitely one to be emulated! I just wonder why in the scriptural “temple” themes of Jacob’s cycle that Rachel (or perhaps the other women) is so conspicuously absent. Jacob’s cycle of course can be compared to our cycle of life. Latter day teaching emphasis that man and woman cannot be whole, complete or perfect without each other and the temple sealing. (Thank goodness for latter day revelation.) I understand that women’s roles are diminished in the scriptures but for whatever reason this was my thought as I read your excellent well researched and thoughtful article. 🙂

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