There are 5 thoughts on “An Exhortation to Study God’s Two “Books””.

  1. Thank you. Again I am reminded why the Jewish people survive and their literature continues to inspire. I’m proud to be a Hebrew!

  2. I have a question. It appears that those you quote are built up to be an authority of the biblical or ancient text, when I would be more inclined to trust your judgment on the subjects portrayed in your essays. I imagine I can answer my own question of why you quote as you do but I would like to read your response. I was listening to your debate with Dr White (hope that is his correct title) and you seeded a new thought and understanding in my mind, and that was validation of the written text of God, so what I conclude unless those you quote have been validated by revelation from the author of truth, then they can only be acknowledged as perspectives and opinions of the era or circumstances they lived.

  3. Keep up the good work, I knew Bradford in Calif. It is sad what happened to FARMS. I worked on the Nibley tape collection until BYU took over my project, I did not have a PHD.

  4. I appreciate the excellent articles of Interpreter. I appreciate the hard work of everyone involved.
    I always learn something new from every article. I learn of things I never knew existed. Interpreter always expands my knowledge.
    I am a fan of all who are involved and of others who work tirelessly defending LDS doctrines and the Divine claims of the church.
    Thank you!

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