There is one thought on ““In the Cause … of their God”: Clarifying Some Issues Regarding the Book of Mormon and a Gospel View of War”.

  1. Along with this compelling article, we might also reflect upon the great faith, selflessness, humility, and courage of people like Nephi, Benjamin, Moroni, Mormon, et al, who surely cringed and trembled within themselves to take up the sword, but suppressed their own personal, deep-seated abhorrence for such actions in order to, instead, submit to the clear commands of their God. And so we shouldn’t question the “moral imagination” of such military disciples, but celebrate it. Each of these disciples yearned to return to their Heavenly homes, each knew that living all ten commandments helped achieve that goal, and we can be sure that each faced the most soul-wrenching junction of their lives when they contemplated shedding blood–in order to bend their own will to God’s. That is how we should define great moral imagination, faith, and courage.

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