There is one thought on “Temple Themes in the Book of Abraham”.

  1. Not sure of the characterisation of Joseph Smith here as ‘inspired syncretizer’ though that may not be what you intended. Even if he did know and understand all you have written, isn’t that still consistent with his role as ‘revealed restorer’?
    And can’t you paint Abraham in a similar role at Beth-El (‘revealed restorer’) when he worships El ‘in spirit and in truth’ at your p 228-9?
    And does Pharaoh really aspire to worship God as a worthy priesthood holder if he sanctions the sacrifice of unwilling human beings on his altars around the known world?
    In that context, one wonders if June 1978 is the first time when all worthy males qualified for priesthood office? But it is still noteworthy that they don’t qualify for all church office (eg must be in good financial standing, not be divorced (following secular no fault divorce law beginning in California in 1972?), not have been subject to church discipline despite the doctrine of repentance) – but it is not surprising that qualification for church office is different than qualification for priesthood office since as Elder McConkie observed, the Church is terrestrial compared to what it will be one day.

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