There are 5 thoughts on “Jesus Christ’s Interactions with the Women of the New Testament”.

  1. “…it is quite likely that they were sealed together soon after her death.”
    It is “quite likely” that Theodore’s assertions are mere speculation.

    • Steven,
      I should probably better explain my “quite likely.” I explained above why I don’t believe the Jesus was married in mortality. Will He be sealed to a woman? He is the highest level of the Celestial Kingdom and no man can attain that without being sealed to a woman. The only thing we don’t know is who it would be and when? It is “highly likely” that he would be sealed to someone of His own generation with whom he closely shared His mortal experiences. Mary Magdalene is the most likely. Also, as He sets the example in all things, we should expect that He would be sealed to her as soon as possible, perhaps even before she left mortality.

  2. Very well explained!
    Mary Jane Woodger wrote: “All the Gospel authors mention Mary Magdalene as the first woman among the women following Jesus Christ.” This indicates that Mary Magdalene may have been what we now refer to as the Relief Society president. That the resurrected Jesus appeared first to her, and their intimate exchange in the Garden, suggests that their relationship was also personal. There is no evidence that they were married in mortality and it would have been highly unlikely for several reasons. Jesus knew he was going to die soon and it would have been irresponsible for Him to take on the duty of a husband and father. On the cross he instructed John to take care of His mother but did not include Mary Magdalene in the charge, although she would have been His first priority if they had been married. Himself being sired by the Father and carrying the seeds of immortality complicates the being of any mortal offspring. Would they then be one-quarter gods? Jesus also said, “for what things soever [the Father] doeth, these also doeth the Son likewise.” The Father had an only begotten son in the flesh, if Jesus begat children in mortality I would preclude Him from doing whatsoever He had seen the Father do. Although it is improbable that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married in mortality, it is quite likely that they were sealed together soon after her death.
    Incidentally, the ancient city of Magdala, home of Mary Magdalene, was recently discovered on the shore of the Sea of Galilee and is being excavated (see ). I visited there in October and was very impressed with the ruins and the development of the site.

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