There are 8 thoughts on “Telling the Story of the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon”.

  1. I just finished reading the book and felt like I was there with them witnessing the events surrounding the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. With so many source documents from so many people involved, any other explanation for the existence of the Book of Mormon would be more implausible than the explanation given by Joseph Smith.
    A perhaps insignificant detail of the large size of the “spectacles” caught my attention. Apparently Joseph stopped using the spectacles because the lenses “were too far apart for the breadth of the human face.” (page 128) As the spectacles were traced back to the Brother of Jared, this connects to a passage in the Book of Mormon indicating that the Jaredites were a very large race of people. (see Mosiah 8:10)
    I also noted that the authors included without comment David Whitmer’s account of the old man [Moroni] they passed in the wagon who told them “he was headed for Cumorah.” (page 144). This was prior to the completion of the translation.

  2. Excellent article and review. I must, however, quibble: the seerstone has been shown before the recent re-reveal. I distinctly remember seeing pictures of it from the late 60’s/early 70’s in the Ensign. It’s certainly not been hidden, just sort of obscure. Wish I had a link handy, though.

  3. As a result of reading this review, I will certainly purchase this book and share it with my family! Thank you Stephen O. Smoot!

  4. Thank you for this excellent review. You convinced me to order the book.
    I was particularly interested in your review of the appendix, “By the Gift and Power of Art.” I will no longer cringe when I see the beautiful painting of “Jesus Teaching In The Western Hemisphere” by John Scott, in the midst of a cut stone temple ruin in a Mesoamerican setting. ☺

  5. I just finished the book and thought it insightful and illuminating. The more I read, and the more research coming forth regarding the Book of Mormon, the more that history feels real, truthful and right. And at the same time the harder it must be to explain away as delusion, fantasy or fraud. I think we are witnessing more and more the truthfulness of the words of the Lord to Paul ‘It is hard to kick against the pricks. “

  6. I very much enjoyed your review. I’m almost finished with the book myself, so this has been both timely and valuable

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