There are 4 thoughts on “Mormonism and the Scientific Persistence of Circles: Aristotle, Spacetime, and One Eternal Round”.

  1. Fascinating commentary with just enough open-endedness to make us think beyond what was postulated. The universe is fascinating enough. . .understanding God’s role within that universe probably exceeds most of our current abilities. Still, to not make the attempt means that we stifle ourselves.

    Nice article!

  2. An apparent alliance b/c elision of Greek philosophy and Christian Theology, to the extent it ignores (tends to) linear time and history, troubles me. The Atonement and our free agency are then on uncertain grounds, for two examples. This was a heresy from Greek thought which the ancient Christian father Origen committed, and was rightly rebuked.

  3. Isn’t the prominence of the circle really related to the circular reasoning that pervades religious discussion?

    • John: no.
      Elizabeth: well done! I was particularly intrigued by the concept of Geodesics and the bending of Starlight, and how that relates to us as the stars of heaven or the sons and daughters of heavenly parents bending our will to become more like them.

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