There are 10 thoughts on ““How Thankful We Should Be to Know the Truth”: Zebedee Coltrin’s Witness of the Heavenly Origins of Temple Ordinances”.

  1. I must tell you that after having read this account a year-and-a-half ago, I was led to feel an incredibly strong sentiment of support for the Prophet Joseph Smith. My love for his efforts grew exponentially because of the insights provided by this article.

    The timeline provided within this article is indispensable in understanding the actions of Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdrey, why Zebedee Coltrin was privy to additional insights, and finally, where the Lord, Jesus Christ falls into the equation.

    In my mind, I perceive that according to this account and by the testimony of Zebedee Coltrin, the Prophet Joseph Smith was well under the personal visitation of the Lord, very nearly at the exact same time that he began his “affair” with Fanny Alger. The time difference is so slight as to be negligible. For someone to insist that the Prophet could have begun this “affair” without the express knowledge of the Savior is now subject to a different interpretation. Indeed, even only taking the timeline of D&C 110 and the visitation of the Savior described therein, without Zebedee’s testimonial regarding two weeks of personal visitation, the circumstances resolving around Fanny Alger at or near the same time take on new meaning. We must now concede that Joseph was under the tutelage of the Lord within close temporal proximity of what some have labeled as a “simple affair.” From my perspective, this simple accusation can no longer be the case.

    If Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were commanded by the Lord to have additional wives for some wise purpose known only to the great Jehovah, then far be it from me to determine that Joseph could not have been constrained with a high and holy and similar calling.

    Regardless if the world believes Joseph a Prophet of the Lord or not, the testimony I derive from inspiration tells me that indeed it is so. If a person could find it within themselves to believe that the heavens were opened for Jehovah to command Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then there shouldn’t be any issue in likewise believing that the same Jehovah who in these days we know as the Lord, Jesus Christ, could and would not command Joseph Smith to do similarly.

    It behooves every living man and woman, having been given the knowledge of these honorable men, to find out for themselves whether they were Prophets of the Lord and so commanded to participate in a Heavenly endowment or not.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment, Tim. Though there are still some gaps in the historical record, I find this account plausible and, like you, it strengthens my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the divine origins of the temple ordinances.

      • I love the feeling I get when I read and reread this article and the insights it gives me, not only into the lives of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his associates, but also of the continuing accomplishments and interactions directed at the affairs of man by the Lord Jesus Christ.

        As I take the time to read the details provided so graciously by Brother Bradshaw (and Paul,) regarding two weeks in 1836, and including the apriori temple knowledge of the Prophet Joseph Smith up to and including that time, I come away from this reading with an enhanced love for the Prophet and our Savior.

        It doesn’t really matter much whether Luna Ardell Paul got the incident exactly right or not. What matters is when the holy Spirit of God whispers that regardless of the details, the episode in general is correct, truthful and wholly in conjunction with the Savior’s visit to a few humble men in a newly constructed temple where those and other keys, lessons and instructions could take place, be restored and brought to fruition, way back in 1836. There is always more than meets the eye, if we are but willing to let the Spirit direct us in our thoughts, research and discoveries.

        To know the truth is a really grand thing, indeed!

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  5. Thank you Bro Bradshaw. I echo Theodore Brandley. I look forward to your reports on your return, and personally hope that you will be able to grace a gathering of B’nai Shalom (Mormons and Jews) with this theme.

  6. Fascinating, and well presented. It resonates with the spirit of truth to one who has worked in the House of the Lord for the past fifteen years.
    Thank you for putting this together and sharing it.

    • Thank you, Theodore! You are blessed to be able to work in the temple. We will miss having a temple nearby during the next two years, but will look forward to helping prepare the people for the dedication in Kinshasa when it happens!

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