There are 4 thoughts on “Reading 1 Nephi With Wisdom”.

  1. Mosiah 8:20 makes “human” (anthropomorphizes) and feminizes wisdom, as does Proverbs 1, 8-9. What is going on in this usage?

    • Hi Don,
      I hadn’t seen that connection until you mentioned it. Perhaps the wisdom tradition (such as wisdom represented as a woman) from the Ancient Near East still influenced thinking in the time of Abinadi.
      I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Taylor

  2. Excellent article, thank you. Among the many details you mention, I especially noted the significance of Nephi’s use of a “dried reed” as a symbol in a manner consistent with ancient Near Eastern themes. Interesting.
    Could you comment on the relation between enthronement and/or entering the presence of God in terms of wisdom literature and the Book of Mormon (e.g., the tree of life, etc.)?

    • Hi Jeff,
      I love your question and don’t have an answer to it. I’m eager to learn what you or others find out. This is a question that will drive fruitful discoveries.
      Kind regards, Taylor

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