Three Streams of Gratitude for Jesus

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Note from the editors: In remembrance of the Easter celebration of Jesus’ victory over death, we are pleased to offer this specially written contribution from Mitt Romney.

Three streams of gratitude for Jesus have arisen during my lifetime. The first crested when as a child, fearing polio or tornadoes or intruders, I learned that “Jesus loves me.” Not only did “the Bible tell me so,” but also my mother and my Bishop. I felt Jesus looking down on me, protecting me, caring for me, answering my prayers. As life progressed, I came to learn that Jesus would not always intervene to shield me from the trials and travails of life, but I knew that He loved me and cared.

As a young man, it was the felicity of His gospel that grew in my heart. I was poised to make choices that would determine my mortal happiness. He had taught that love, family, friends, and service were the real currency of joy. With faith in that gospel, I married, raised children, nourished friendships, and endeavored to serve. And so the wealth in my heart grew beyond my imagining.

Now, approaching my autumn years, it is His victory over death that most captivates me. For sixty or so years of Easter Sundays, I have sung “He is Risen,” but for most of those years, I somehow felt that there was no real end in sight to my earth-bound life. Now, however, His condescension to live in mortality, to carry my sins, and then to rise to immortality is no longer just a chapter of doctrine, it is a gift of such magnitude that I cannot find sufficient words to express my gratitude. From the dark of never-ending nothingness, of eternal blindness, and of infinite absence from my family, He opens my eyes, my mind, and my heart. That He rose from the dead is His greatest gift of all.

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About Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney graduated from Brigham Young University in English, earned degrees from Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School, served as chief executive officer of Bain & Company, and then co-founded and led Bain Capital. After leading the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, he was elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In 2012, he was nominated by the Republican Party for the presidency of the United States of America.

14 thoughts on “Three Streams of Gratitude for Jesus

  1. Dear Mitt,
    I reached this website on Facebook. I have never known a man that so many people want to be friends with; including myself. I understand your wanting to retire from public service. I’m happy for your decision. It wasn’t easy for you to withdraw from wanting to run for President the third time. But when I saw the relieved and radiant look on Ann’s face as you made that announcement I was happy for you both. As you might have gathered, I have followed you closely for the past couple of years. When Ann made the comment about how she loved you to the moon and back I thought of my wife, Julie. We love each other the same way. There were times when I bounced off the moon and back but I’ve never come back incomplete. Please keep a bounce in your step, a smile on your face and a song in your heart. God bless you.
    I’m still keeping the bumper sticker on my truck. I’m a stubborn man. Charlie.

  2. I, too, am in my autumn years and the resurrection and eternal life are more real to me. I receive great comfort in my testimony of the Savior, knowing that no matter what happens as my body ages, he will be my side and I will feel of his strength and love.

  3. I hope that others realize the good man that Mitt Romney is…. He is a man of faith… loves America and the people ……
    God bless you and your family…. such good inspirational writing …

  4. Dear Mr. Romney,
    I was fortunate to hear you speak during my husband’s BYU graduation in 1971. Your thoughts were very impressive then and continue to inspire me today. Your testimony of our Savior captures the very foundation of my faith. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I have always admired Mitt Romney, his family, his obvious testimony, his gentleman-like behavior, the courtesy he shows to others and the way he treats his wife. I wish he was our president. He has conservative and sometimes more moderate views than some conservatives want, but he would have been a wonderful man to lead our nation.

  6. The core concept of early Christianity was the resurrection of Jesus. Mitt Romney’s article captures the essence of what the resurrection means. Excellent!

  7. The stages of faith that we go through… not all of them are rosy, some let go of the iron rod, but some find the iron rod yet again. Romney’s trajectory has always been very admirable.

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