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2024 Come, Follow Me
Book of Mormon Lesson 6:
February 5 — February 11

2 Nephi 1-2
“Free to Choose Liberty and Eternal Life, through the Great Mediator”

If you knew that your life was coming to an end, what final messages would you want to share with the people you love most? When the prophet Lehi felt he was nearing the end of his life, he gathered his family together one last time. He shared with them what Heavenly Father had revealed to him. He bore his testimony of the Messiah. He taught gospel truths he cherished to the people he cherished. He talked about liberty, obedience, the Fall of Adam and Eve, redemption through Jesus Christ, and joy. Not all of his children chose to live by what he taught—none of us can make these choices for our loved ones. But we can teach and testify of the Redeemer, who makes us “free to choose liberty and eternal life” (see 2 Nephi 2:26–27).

2 Nephi 1: Lehi prophesies of a land of liberty—His seed will be scattered and smitten if they reject the Holy One of Israel—He exhorts his sons to put on the armor of righteousness. About 588–570 B.C.

2 Nephi 2: Redemption comes through the Holy Messiah—Freedom of choice (agency) is essential to existence and progression—Adam fell that men might be—Men are free to choose liberty and eternal life. About 588–570 B.C.


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