There are 3 thoughts on “The Book of Mormon Versus the Consensus of Scholars: Surprises from the Disputed Longer Ending of Mark, Part 1”.

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  2. I also am uncomfortable with such theories and strongly feel that they do not fit the evidence, but I did want to acknowledge their existence. There are, of course, a variety of ways believing Latter-day Saints believe and cope with some of the details of the scriptures and their origins.

  3. Very interesting topic and article.

    I appreciate the research that has gone into it.

    I am confused by the following statement

    “One could argue, as some Latter-day Saint people have, that the Book of Mormon is somehow an expanded text that builds on … ancient “truthy” ideas, with Joseph’s added commentary and thoughts taken from modern sources…”

    In light of the fact that the Inspired Version of the Bible validates the longer ending of Mark and further, that specific snippets from the longer portion of Mark are found integrated into modern scripture in the D&C, it seems odd to me that believing Latter day Saints would speculate that the Book of Mormon is merely an expansion of ancient truthy ideas.

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