There are 7 thoughts on ““And the Meek Also Shall Increase”: The Verb yāsap in Isaiah 29 and Nephi’s Prophetic Allusions to the Name Joseph in 2 Nephi 25–30”.

  1. Interesting. A bit strongly stated though, in parts, I think. We don’t know for sure what Nephi read or had in mind. It seems more accurate to modify many of the certain comments about Nephi’s intent to make them more tentative. For now conclusions about what Nephi read and meant remain speculative. Right?

    • In the end, what we have are texts and what can be reasonably inferred therefrom. What, in particular, do you think has been too strongly stated?

  2. So much meat here. So much to ponder in the hidden gems before us in the text of the Book of Mormon. I hope Matthew Bowen will continue adding more, more, and even more to his work in exploring the text. Thank you!

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