There are 6 thoughts on ““They Were Moved with Compassion” (Alma 27:4; 53:13): Toponymic Wordplay on Zarahemla and Jershon”.

  1. This is truly great insight as to the names and potential locations of book of mormon lands. What is even more amazing is that these names do exist in mesoamerica, and they are the very locations of zarahemla and jershon. I know exactly where these locations are today.

    • Steven: Your response is clearly intended as sarcasm. Of course, the article had no intention of dealing with current place names, and anyone expecting that to happen knows nothing about the history of place names in Mesoamerica. I would recommend that you, and any others who might also be looking for the wrong things, to read the article for the actual information in it and the purpose for which it was written.

      • For those who might read my comment, I have heard from Steven and he tells me that he was sincere and that I have misread his intention. I apologize for doing so, and ask his forgiveness.

  2. The meaning “seed of compassion” might also be highlighting the reciprocal compassion that the Nephites and Ammonites had for each other. That is, the writers are emphasizing that compassion is like a seed: when you plant it (the Nephites giving up Jershon to the Ammonites), it later produces more of its own kind (the Ammonite striplings enlisting to defend the Nephites in return). In other words, “Zarahemla” reminds us that compassion begets compassion.

  3. Why is the Book of Mormon not translated into Hebrew by the LDS Church?
    I found one on Amazon for $60.00, translated by some Israelis

  4. I agree with your basic etymology of Zarahemla, Matt, but, since it is the name of a descendant of Mulek, if Zerahemla is not simply a dissimilated form, this name may originally have had the meaning and structure of Hebrew zeraˁ hammělûkâ “royal descendant” in Jeremiah 41:1, 2 Kings 25:25, Ezekiel 17:13, and Daniel 1:3, thus incorporating the root of his father’s name, Mulek, and appropriately becoming the name of the royal capital city.

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