There are 3 thoughts on “An Elegant Book on Gifts, Gifting, and Remembering”.

  1. Tom D:

    If you will have a look at Ralph Hancock’s review of Joseph M. Spencer’s book in this series entitled 1 Nephi, and then glance at the comments, you will notice that some simply cannot get past what happened at the meltdown at the Maxwell Institute. And you can see this in the unnecessarily harsh comments about Spencer’s book, which is among the very best in this series.

    My point was that now having made this massive and largely successful endeavor, those employed by the Maxwell Institute, assisted with adequate financial resources from those who pay tithing, ought to now also defend the faith from criticisms. Then, and only then, will they have truly done fully what Elder Holland very strongly urged them to do.

    I wonder why Spencer Fluhman and Phil Barlow, as well as Morgan Davis, did not author one books in this excellent series, since they are employees of the Maxwell Institute. Instead, they served merely as editors of the series. They ought to be leading the way in discovering the still hidden treasures in the Book of Mormon, and also thereby defending the faith, should they not?

  2. Thank you for this moving review. I now plan to get a copy of this book for myself. I am glad to see that the Maxwell Institute seems to be getting back spiritually useful activities.

    • Tom D:

      I am pleased that it is at least part way back. And I hope that it will soon be all the way back. That is a much better position than what was called the “new direction” that was set in place when Dan Peterson was given the boot. However, those people are now almost entirely gone from the Maxwell Institute.

      And we immediately launched the Interpreter Foundation, and we went right back published essays and books, even and producing films, and holding conferences, and so forth. And we are fully engaged in defending the faith and the Saints, when we think that it warranted.

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