There are 5 thoughts on “In New Zealand: Even More Faithful Latter-day Saints”.

  1. If anyone in New Zealand knows how to contact Selwyn Kātene, would they please inform him that I have now posted a very affirmative review of his latest book.

  2. I actually enjoyed reading my own review of another in a series of truly remarkable books on the faith of Latter-day Saints in New Zealand. I am hoping that my little 9 page essay will generate interest in the faith of Latter-day Saints in whose home is a genuinely beautiful and also safe and mostly peaceful place.

    • Elder Glen L. Rudd spent a good portion of his later life striving to keep the memory of Elder Matthew Cowley (and by extension the Maori/New Zealand people), alive. If this series of books and review help in that cause, more power to them. May they be read widely.

      • Dennis: The Matthew Cowley Pacific Church History Centre in Temple View, New Zealand appropriately keeps Elder Cowley’s memory alive, does it not?

        This truly remarkable series of books which is intended to set out and thereby preserve the memory of thirty-sex faithful Latter-day Saints in New Zealand.

        Even Marjorie Newton, despite some of the rubbish she published, was able to do this same thing for at least half a dozen other faithful New Zealand Saints.

        Selwyn Katene’s has striven to keep the faith of thirty-six outstanding Saints in New Zealand alive.

        I don’t see any “if” in his endeavor.

        • Not having read the material, I can only speak (without full knowledge) from your reviews; therefore I used the word “if.”

          To quote myself I also said and still say, “May they be read widely” and “more power to them”–which is my main point and thrust. I hope such precious accounts of great faith and works will never be forgotten.

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