There are 10 thoughts on “A Truly Remarkable Book”.

  1. All thanks to Dr. Midgley for this review. I am now eager to read the book. Both Gee and Midgley are people I am grateful to have in the church. Both are courageous to point out the great and spacious building has no foundation.

  2. From my reading of Gee’s book, it would appear the issue was the many unsubstantiated claims Gee made.

    It’s certainly should have been peer reviewed. That would have solved the problems.

      • Here are just two out of many: (1) childhood abuse contribute to someone becoming LGBTQ, and (2) victims of sexual abuse are more likely to become sexual abusers.

        To quote a professional psychologist: “Not only does he [Gee] quote from a study that argues against that point, but he misuses said study to insinuate homosexuality is caused by child abuse”

        • I am a professional psychologist, may I get a link to see which of my peers said this?

          The two points you cite, I would tend to give some weight to. So can you do more than a vague reference to an unknown authority?

          All thanks for your efforts.

    • It was peer reviewed by people with relevant background. And Gee provides plenty of documentation for his claims throughout the book. One can’t help but suspect you never read the book.

      • Sorry, I don’t believe you. There is no way Gee’s book was peer reviewed. The basic mistakes, unsubstantiated claims and misinformation clearly shows this was not ready to be published and certainly wasn’t peer reviewed. If I’m mistaken I would love to know who “peer reviewed” this.

        • When someone opines about “peer review, one can be confident that they are not an academic who has actually reviewed manuscripts or had their own dealt with prior to publication.

    • You ignored my question. You claim a psychologist, a colleague who is anonymous, questioned Gee’s assertion that abuse can shift one toward homosexuality. I wonder if your psychology expert may have been overly influenced by John Money. The actual results of Money’s work are now known to be catastrophic but the data were suppressed for years. Money suppressed that data.

      Money himself had his own catastrophic childhood that contributed to his own horrific behavior.

      There is no clear genetic precursor to homosexuality so it is reasonable to investigate how things like trauma and abuse may contribute. Clinically I have found support for what Gee apparently asserts. I don’t have the book yet.

      So perhaps you are actually just quoting anti-Gee propaganda. Again I ask for dialogue.

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