There are 3 thoughts on “Nephi’s Good Inclusio”.

  1. I am convinced that Matthew L. Bowen’s onomastic wordplay ideas found herein and in multiple other articles are increasingly important in Book of Mormon study. When all of the onomastic occurrences which he has so far described are compiled in one compendium, they shall form an almost undeniably powerful statement of ancient middle-Eastern influence on Book of Mormon nomenclature and in what now shows up as obvious premeditated formative design regarding specific components of it. (See later articles by this author for additional insights.)

    This article ties several instances of repetitive writing found in the Book of Mormon by various authors which until the onomastic wordplay was introduced, could not be fully understood or appreciated, even though cognitively, we knew that they were somehow related. This work is becoming a monumental achievement not yet fully appreciated in the Latter-day Saint or even the Book of Mormon literary community.

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